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Default Re: Superman's Primal shout/grunts awesome or awful, what do you think ?

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post

It was a tad repetitive at the end however.

Yeah, didn't bother me that much, but if I could drop one of the
grunts, it would be the one where he's flying away from the
black hole, with Lois. That one was probably unnecessary.

Otherwise I thought they were justified, the one where he lifts the oil rig is a little different from the shout before he slams into Faora, the former being about exertion and the latter an expression of anger.

The heat vision one is a reflection of the fact that using heat vision hurts (Zod pretty much does the same thing).

Still, I'm really glad they did it, I loved Reeve as Superman, but everything
looked a bit easy for him.

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