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Default Re: Superman's Primal shout/grunts awesome or awful, what do you think ?

(Yes, I've put too much thought into this).

I always wanted them to do some big Superman screams, but I have to say... He did it a lot. Too much.

Part of the reason I loved Chris Reeve's huge scream when Lois dies is that it was so unexpected, that we'd never heard anything like that coming from him before. We knew it meant something. Same with Christian Bale's roar of rage/desperation when he was getting his ass kicked by Bane. Like a wounded animal in a corner. It meant something, and he'd never done it before.

I would have substituted some of Henry's screams for grunts, and removed others. I'd have changed the oil rig too a more restrained, struggling noise (like if you're doing heavy squats at the gym, it comes out not as a full scream, but a weird strain from the back of the throat, as if your voice can't get out because your whole body, including you neck is so tensed up. Hard to explain). Not that loud, but you know he's really pushing himself. I'd have removed all of the others until we get to his charge at Zod. That's the first full scream. Loved that. Then maybe a quieter strain/yell when the heat vision surprises him, during his fight with the sub-commanders. Like a sustained grunt.

Remove the rest until we get to his destruction of the World Engine. Take out the yell when he's destroying the scout ship. Keep one from when he kills Zod. But make it more of... a wail? (Not girly, though).

Even then, that's four...


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