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Default Re: Kryptonian Physiology in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
The powers are used pretty inconsistently. Clark has extreme super hearing but even when he's sneaking into the spaceship, and he would logically be extremely cautious both of what's in there and about getting caught, he doesn't hear Lois following him until she makes so much noise that a person with bad hearing would notice her. Superman is so much stronger than Zod that he can break his neck, but he apparently can't just move Zod's head. And so on.
I saw the scene in this way: Clark saw Jor-el walking and attracting him to the ship. Lois was not making noise that Clark should notice and differentiate to Jor-el's noices. So I didn't see the point here.
Then on Zod's scene, Zod was making him more stronger, it was more dangerous, more focused on his skills umpredictable than Superman, Superman was being cautious and if you notice if he tryied to move his head with that kind of strenght that Zod was putting Supes obviously will harm Zod no matter what. and If you noticed Zod was provoked this scenario like if he wanted this. He was holding his face as Zod was determinate to burn the family then Superman had no choice and thought that this was an endless battle (what about Superman stop him but then Zod punch him or knock him and then he do harm to the family and more people) and the POINT IS NO MATTER WHAT SUPERMAN STOPS ZOD ACTIONS, HE WILL TRY TO DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. and that make him do it. Not that Superman wasn't able to do it.

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I'd say that we're overthinking it because I don't think it holds up to scrutiny. Jor-El talks about factors why Kal-El is powerful and he mentions that Earth has a lower gravity. That's irrelevant since his abilities very obviously have nothing to do with gravity. He can accelerate in midair and in space. Gravity is also something you acclimate to and lower gravity makes you much weaker, not stronger, except for a short while when you transition (which means that if anything the other Kryptonians would have been stronger).

That the atmosphere is more nourishing is also questionable. It most consist of basically the same things as on Krypton, otherwise it would be toxic, so what in it could actually be nourishing? And a planet of Krypton's advanced level should have no trouble creating such gas to breathe using masks etc. Superman also seemed to have no trouble being in space, but maybe he would if he stayed there if he needs both atmosphere and radiation?

It works better when you don't think too much about it. While I think they could have gotten rid of some of the explanations, or switched them to something more consistent, I don't expect Superheroes to work with physics.
In which part Jor-el told him than he flies due to gravity
Then he told him that the atmosphere is more nourishing its true. The planet Krypton was more hostile from atmosphere and pretty damaged on his natural resources.
They used the mask due to they aren't used to earth's atmosphere and being precautios to an unknown planet pretty logical IMO.
The consequences you see with Faora and Zod's senses. but almost at the end Zod manage it to handle the atmosphere pretty easy.
We don't see Superman breathing on space, there's no air in the space. He is able to take huge amounts of oxygen but this a misunderstanding by some people related to Superman's capabilities in space.


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