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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Honestly, while that ending and idea is awesome, I am glad the movie ended the way it did. Why you ask? Same reason turning back time in Superman: The Movie was a bad idea: how do you top it? When you establish Thor doing that, then how will you top that when he has to, say, beat Surtur? Have him do it again? I'd honestly rather see that idea used in Thor 3 in order to defeat Surtur (or whoever the main threat ends up being), as opposed to beating Malekith. I think it's more epic to end the solo-Hemms series on that type of note, rather than use it in the middle chapter. Heck, maybe save that for Avengers 3 in the battle against Thanos!
Because it's not always about being able to top yourself. Thor doesn't need to top that lightning strike. He just needs to handle his next villain in an equally creative way. Joss Whedon gets this and has said it's not about topping everything he did last time. Also Nolan got this. He didn't hold something back cause he was afraid he couldn't top it or needed to save it to the last film. In each film he gave it his all and did what he wanted to do. Then if he got another film he did what he needed to do in that film. This saving the best for last or holding back for fear of not being able to top it is an awful way to run a creative process. Whatever film they are producing should be the best it can be and not artificially constrained. They could have went ahead with this in this film. Then in his next film he could use Mjolnir in an equally epic yet different way. There is no need to save an idea for down the road. Use the ideas you've got and let the next director come up with his own cool Thor moments on the next film.

That lightning strike would have been the most talked about thing in the film. Kids minds would have been blown. Hell, my mind would have been blown. Instead Thor throws some B.S. earth science rod things into our villain and some pseudo science stuff happens. Hell, I can't even recall the finer details of how he finished Mal cause it so damn stupid. I vaguely remember his ship may have fallen on him. Which is good in a comedic way, I guess.

*And, please please, let's not turn this into a flame war just cause I mentioned Nolan. I'm just pointing out the differences in the creative processes. I like DC and Marvel and will not engage in any back and forth about which is better. They both have pros and cons. Neither is perfect.

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