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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Belatedly on the whole Catwoman thing.

I prefer the characterization of Catwoman in Rises. Just as the Joker wearing make-up and not having smilex didn't bug me, neither did the lack of whip or claws for Catwoman. I thought Hathaway nailed the post-crisis character perfectly and that Nolan's use of potential romance and a time jump was a clever way to have his cake and eat it too for narrative purposes.

With that said, I cannot deny that the Returns costume is much better, simply because I will always prefer the Pfeiffer design to the Julie Newmar suit (which is basically what Hathaway wears). Also, Pfeiffer and Keaton have a much better developed and tangible romance in their film, making their ending more tragic (and also strongly feminist from Selina's POV). However, Nolan I do not think was looking for that kind of romance.

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