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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World ...DVD

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Honestly, while that ending and idea is awesome, I am glad the movie ended the way it did. Why you ask? Same reason turning back time in Superman: The Movie was a bad idea: how do you top it? When you establish Thor doing that, then how will you top that when he has to, say, beat Surtur? Have him do it again? I'd honestly rather see that idea used in Thor 3 in order to defeat Surtur (or whoever the main threat ends up being), as opposed to beating Malekith. I think it's more epic to end the solo-Hemms series on that type of note, rather than use it in the middle chapter. Heck, maybe save that for Avengers 3 in the battle against Thanos!
Exactly right. I love the ending as is and will not project anything. If they shot that lightning storm maybe it would have been cheesy BS? Maybe they would have had to cut other scenes in the movie to make room in the budget? Who knows and who cares? The film had more than enough spectacle.

Anyway, I love that the Target version also includes a free month trial to Marvel Unlimited digital comics. I'm going to buy that and give it to my niece. She's been wanting to get more in to the books and this is the perfect opportunity to get her going it seems.

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