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Default Re: Zod: Dictator or General?

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Pretty much the story of every dictator on the planet.
And beyond it would seem. I think an interesting change of pace would be doing an Alexander the Great type of conqueror. Imagine a space dictator type that has planets and other space fairing societies clamoring to actually join with him? One rule of law and order in the cosmos that is actually beneficial, side stepping of course the legitimate libertarian counter argument, it's been shown in our actual history that those sort of visionary autocrats, especially those that are in the thick of it when it comes to conquest and not just hiding out for from the front lines, can be inspiring figures in their own way. Sure, it's easy to stand up and fight Darkseid.

We all know he's coming to crush individuality and enslave us. What about a conqueror type that promises to actually improve things for Earth? To raise all standards of living, improve medical technology and the like? One that is going to come to the JLA/AVENGERS teams with the question "are you going to stand in the way of true peace and prosperity for the people of Earth?" Like I said, it's still an all powerful dictator, but if he actually means that it's an inherently sticky wicket for the superhero set. It would make for some great drama too I'd think.

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