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Originally Posted by Benstamania View Post

Disagree. Rare was good with Banjo, Goldeneye and Conkers but they completely spit all over their original DK series with 64. They made a poor Banjo clone and again made the player run through every stinking level with every stinking stupid monkey multiple times. DK64 wasn't a platformer as much as it was a Collect-a-Thon and IMHO THAT game marked the start of their downfall.

I would have been fine if they cloned another game.. Hell.. Clone Mario 64 instead of Banjo.. THAT would have been a better fit.

I've never been more angry at a game than I was with DK 64. That game seriously ruined a year for me.

Because I played the stinking thing til completion.
I don't hear that kind of opinion very often! But it was a collect-a-thon and a Banjo clone I admit. But Banjo-Kazooie was my favorite N64 platformer so I didn't mind it being somewhat of a clone. I think it was after Perfect Dark and Conker was when their downfall began, most of the good people left to other companies such as Free Radical. And hey! Conker came out after DK64!

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