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Originally Posted by lujho View Post
Argh! The blanket dismissal of this idea is incredibly silly.

We're not talking about making superman constantly pissed off. "Angry" wouldn't a description of his entire personality. It's an emotion, and we all feel it if only momentarily.

Superman getting pissed off is very powerful precisely because he doesn't do it often. It doesn't make him "evil" or "dark" or "edgy" or Wolverine or Batman. It makes him normal. It's completely normal and IN CHARACTER. Happens all the time.

I'm not talking about a berserker rage either. More of a "now you're gonna get it" attitude... because you *know* that if somebody's done something to piss *Superman* off, then it's pretty bad. the Dan Turpin example is a good one. Also the "I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard" moment from Justice League Unlimited. And that allmighty roar of anguish in Superman 1 - how could that moment be any better?

Also, the idea that Darkseid or Doomsday would not "translate all that well onto the big screen" is uterly preposterous. Superman is fantasy, adventure, science fiction, action. People are obsessed with the notion of what will "fit in into Donner/Singer's universe" (insert "Nolan" when talking about Batman) or what would "work on screen", and it's just rubbish, eliminating key aspects of the character or his world because of some arbitrary idea that things can't get too big or outlandish or whatever. Narrowing the scope of what Superman can be. Making Supeman the only extraordinary thing in a mundane world and saying it can't/shouldn't be any other way.

It's just ****ing nonsense - you don't change Superman's world to fit in with Donner or Singer's vision. If anything you change Donner/Singer's world to fit the greater vision of the character, his world and history.

Make Superman a ****ing Space Opera. Make it an epic pulp sci-fi fantasy. Make it anything but saving people from Earthquakes over and over.

I swear some people must *want* Superman to be boring.

Sorry.... went on a tanget there. Back to angry Superman... or rather, Superman getting angry on occasion. When used judiciously (like, once per film/story) there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and would make for a great moment.

Part of the problem is that they never really let Superman fail at saving everyone, so what/who is there to get angry at?
I am so freakin agree with your idea!!! I register here just to support it.
The scene from DCUO trailer with the Supes vs BA is freakin satisfying,, I was waiting for this moment way to long, to see Superman incinerate the **** out off some villain, with his heat vision..
This is the situation when it the most fitting to see Supes to bombard the hell out of some stubborn villain, who doesn't know better then just stop destroying everything around...

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