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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
If people are still bothered by the images of 9/11. I understand. But MOS won't be the last to use it nor should they. Movies shouldn't avoid mimicking those events. What I loved about Ironman 1, was the Taliban approach with Stark in the video message. Same thing in the Dark Knight to an extent.

Now what MOS accomplishes is two super powers fighting. With someone needing to win. The fight was won by Superman. And Superman alone.

Nor like in Avengers when all they did was fight with no real plan and accomplishing absolutely nothing. And was only saved by a nuke bomb sent by a third party meant to destroy the city but Ironman used it to end the fight.

I would say MOS accomplished way more in its fight scenes than Avengers.

Now interns of joy and triumph, sure Avengers were able to keep their hands clean with the help of a third party.

Superman had to take a life.
Actually there was some tactics in the Avengers battle. They purposefully restricted the fighting to a few blocks around Stark Tower.

I thought the action in MoS was visually spectacular and was so happy to finally see some proper aerial "dogfighting" with two super powered beings.

But i thought all the crumbling sky scrapers was over kill and trying too hard to evoke 9/11. And i'd have liked to see Kal attempt to do more things like force Zod up into the atmosphere, instead of the other way around.

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