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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
The scout ship levels 4 sky scrapers when Kal for some reason disables it's controls over the city then does nothing to try and divert/catch it.
Try more like two, both at the edge of the blast zone of the BZ's gravity beam (and those buildings in the blast zone were A. half demolished already, and B. probably not filled with any one alive and we saw that the BZ's destruction and beam is implied to have or just outright shown to have killed a cuss ton of Metropolitans.). And do we really want to count that as part of Zod and Supes fight since it occurs before either throw a punch at each other?

This is why I do find it a legit criticism to say that some would have preferred a different pacing. For many, events seemed to have blurred together. I agree to a certain extant how one could feel that way, but for myself, my own tastes... I did not mind one bit. Finally I got one of these modern age superhero film that DIDN'T just have action that sort of peters out at the end. But that's me.

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