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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - Part 15

Just grabbed this from the last thread to say that this is pretty much a perfect assessment of T:TDW. And I say that is a lover of the movie and the character, but one who can step back and see the flaws while still loving it.

Well said on all of this, Chewy.

Originally Posted by Chewy
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
People can talk all they want about editing or whatever else for Thor 2, but the problems all trickle down from a weaksauce script. Everything to do with the dark elves is very very stupid, keeping one or two of the deleted scenes that people liked doesn't fix that. If anything it slows the movie down, which gives people time to think about how ridiculous the elf stuff is. It's no wonder Marvel wanted the movie to just breeze by

What Thor 3 needs isn't a longer runtime or less humor or Thor moving differently or whatever other little complaint people want addressed. What it needs is a filmmaker with a vision for the film, who oversees the production from the word go. (Or filmmakers, as the case may be. ) Thor 2's problem wasn't its runtime, it was the four directors and half-dozen screenwriters who passed through before they finally settled.

If the right person makes an 80 minute film it'll be great. If the wrong person makes a 130 minute film it'll be terrible. Runtime is indicative of basically nothing.

And for what it's worth I'm not one of those people who hates Thor 2, it's an okay film. But it definitely has its problems
Can't wait to pick up the Bluray tonight and hear what they have to say in the director's commentary about some of the issues, if they address them.

And to get on topic: T:TDW dvd has a cap preview, right? Also, i hope the runtime is true, that'll be great.

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