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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - Part 15

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
That would be because it was written paper thin, and what little meat there was, they removed from the film. As I have said before, you had the perfect reasoning for Thor to abdicate. You had the perfect arc for Thor. Play up what ruling does to man, what they become. You have the perfect examples in Bor, Malekith, Odin and Loki.

But nah, lets do a bit of crappy exposition at the end. Lets contradict the first film plenty. Lets not write any significant moments and scenes with Thor and his mother. Lets have Thor's big plan be all about saving Jane Foster and ignoring that to save the universe, he would have been best listening to his father.

But at least there is Loki.
I'm watching the film now, Thor says to Odin he'll take Jane to TDW and have Malekith pull the aether from Jane and he'll destroy it. I'm pretty sure he just wasn't thinking about Jane all the time, otherwise we wouldn't have had that confrontation with Malekith at the end. But I agree with you, I would have liked to see more of Thor and Frigga, they actually cut out a scene where the two of them are conversing after she was talking to Loki in prison.

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It has something resembling a head and eyes, but a face?
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