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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - Part 15

The First Avenger is like 2 hours and 4 minutes; minus all the credits and intro stuff, and that's just about almost 2 hours even.

I think TFA was long enough for THAT movie, TWS seems to be a little longer, but I don't think it is to much of a difference.

I am happy with that. I am glad this movie is actually acting legit and not just some filler between Avengers and Avengers 2.

And I'll probably watch The Bourne... something... I got one, but I gotta find it. I hid it so I didn't have to see Matt Damon's face anymore. Everytime I walked out of my room I saw his face in the picture on the side of the movie and thought "STOP LOOKING AT ME MATT!"

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