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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Well she's right. When I was watching the character as far as development goes, it seemed like Famke was doing the best she could with the material she got. You could just tell she wanted to prolong and do more with it. The Phoenix Sage is just too well known among the comics, the least Ratner could have done was pay homage to the basic story arch of the dark phoenix and make it more true to the comics. The way Famke worded it was what I was thinking. I felt like I was watching a slap-stick version of the story more than a deeply complex and emotionally disturbed character that was unpredictable. Yet again, I know he's the favorite and we all know why but Wolverine, we all know what makes him tick. Not knocking Hugh Jackman but he could have fought for Jean to have more of a power struggle. Instead it was about so many insignificant things rather then the core heart.

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