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Default Angel (Warren's Storyline)

Sure he was in that memorable scene (amazing acting btw from Cayden) of X3 but do you guys think they could have done way more with the character? Angel as I recall was a huge part of the OT in the comics (maybe I'm comics-biased) which is why the material he had in the movie didn't make sense. With the stories on Angel couldn't the writers have integrated more into his character other than "an unfortunate kin to someone else trying to rid the world of 'the mutant problem' "? Am I alone in thinking this? I guess it seems like they needed to make up something on the spot with his character but why make it up when there is already so much written to draw on? I still say that he should have been in FS to redeem what they did to him in X3. Warren was an amazing part of the early stages of the original team. I honestly felt as if he got the Cyclops treatment (not counting X1) and they just stuck him in there to fill up the roster. Scott and Warren have back stories too. All of it upsets me. Don't even get me started on Scott's portrayal. Disappointed.

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