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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by The Endless View Post
Actually there was some tactics in the Avengers battle. They purposefully restricted the fighting to a few blocks around Stark Tower.

I thought the action in MoS was visually spectacular and was so happy to finally see some proper aerial "dogfighting" with two super powered beings.

But i thought all the crumbling sky scrapers was over kill and trying too hard to evoke 9/11. And i'd have liked to see Kal attempt to do more things like force Zod up into the atmosphere, instead of the other way around.
So they kept the damage for a few blocks. Good for them. A team of superheroes. There was no real plan until Selig awoke from his slumber.

In MOS the damage was done by Black Zero. Not Superman. I saw Ironman Thor and Hulk run those big worms through buildings.

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