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Default Re: The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy: The Gamora Thread

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I'm basing it on Gamora's ability to battle Thanos or how she can toss around Ronan the Accuser like a rag-doll. But I'll go with the opinion of those more familiar with the abilities of each. I generally avoid such fantasy "who would win" debates, as the answer is inevitably, "Anyone can win any fight depending on the creativity of the writer and artist depicting the battle."
I'll give you that, sir. If the writer & artist are creative enough, it's most certainly possible for a character to pull off a convincing & impressive win

I'm just trying to go by what's been seen thus far without the usage of unnecessary plot devices & the like.

All in all, it's just my opinion though. At the end of the day, both are supreme badass female warriors....I'd actually be more interested in seeing them fight together rather than against each other. Imagine how awesome that would be on screen...Jaimie Alexander AND Zoe Saldana? I'd die.

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