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Default Re: Too much action?

I think that it's a testament to Superman's strength as an icon in the fan community that has people holding this film (and Cavill's portrayal) to such high standards as compared to other CBMs, their superheroes and even other depictions of Superman, despite the actual events seen in the film.

EDIT: I will just note that yes, it is Zod that, after knocking Supes through a bunch of building, none of which fall down (Zod lazering the building he first crashes Clark through is the only building that falls in their one on one) that spears both he and Supes into orbit where Clark then manages to flip Zod away where Zod then grazes a Wayne sattelite and then Zod crashed it into our hero. I am still not sure how this translates into out of character and wreckless action by Clark, but, sure, Zod is the opponent that knocks the fight into orbit.

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