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Sabine makes perfect sense to me; the Clone Wars staff made a concerted effort to try and give the Mandos a unique cultural identity and even a specifically popular type of art. Heck, it was really the only thing most people seemed to agree was a nice touch regardless of the rest of your opinions on the group, and sense Satine and Viszla seemed to be art lovers, we already had the contradiction in full place.

We see the mainstream Mandalorian artwork is very cubist, with hard lines and a less literal translation of images and ideas. We also see the Death Watch embrace customization and rough personal artwork on their armor; there's still some uniform regimentation, but a lot of those little logos clearly bring to mind WWII-style airplane paint jobs. And even when Maul takes over, they basically "tag" their look to show their affiliation.

Now we've got a Mandalorian rebel. Let me repeat that; rebel. How is punk-rock style graffiti and fashion not inherently rebellious in a universe ruled by the Galactic Empire? They won't even let their troopers paint their armor anymore, even though that is a proven strategic advantage in managing logistics and helping morale. Of course people are going to start using graffiti to speak out, and from a society that walks the line between authoritarian and vaguely fascistic culture and chaotic barbarian mores, some people are going to go one extreme over the other.

So she's really in perfect sync with what we know about Mandalorians and what we know about her affiliations. If she's hanging out with Rebels and not her own people, it would make sense she'd develop a strong sense of identity, and that she's go a little crazy.

And personally, I'm just hoping that means we eventually meet a bad Mandalorian with a more stark and austere sense of style to drive the point home.

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