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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
So they kept the damage for a few blocks. Good for them. A team of superheroes. There was no real plan until Selig awoke from his slumber.

In MOS the damage was done by Black Zero. Not Superman. I saw Ironman Thor and Hulk run those big worms through buildings.

That's what gets me about all the flack Man of Steel gets for the Metropolis battle--Zod's Black Zero did all that destruction.

I see some fans complain that "Superman destroyed all those buildings in Metropolis.." and I'm like "What movie did they see?"

Yet, in Avengers, I see Iron Man, Thor and Hulk causing mass destruction and casually shooting Chitauri out of the sky, not caring where they land, and crashing those big worms through buildings and Grand Central Station, and fans cheer that.

Superman got tossed by Zod through a building and fans complain. Hulk ran through an office with workers barely able to get out of his way and fans cheer.

WTF? Is it because the Avengers were cracking jokes while fighting the Chitauri that makes it OK? Some complain that Man of Steel reminded them of 9/11, but Avengers didn't?

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