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Default Re: Too much action?

No ones saying Superman destroyed all those buildings. People have complained that the film makers could have shown Superman actively trying to save people whilst holding off Zod. Or doing things that aren't out of character, like disabling a spaceship right above a populated city and not even trying to catch/divert it. And again, why is Zod taking the fight to space? The writers could have done it so Kal is trying to take Zod into the upper atmosphere away from civilians.

See in Avengers Hulk was running through an office block sure. But why? Because one of those big space dragon things was about to plough straight through the building. Hulk diverted it away. We also get a scene where Cap tells the police to keep people off the streets, taking them into basements or the subway. He also gives out orders to the other Avengers telling them to keep the fighting restricted to a couple of blocks around Stark Tower. The film is actively showing the Avengers trying to restrict civilian casualties. MoS does no such thing. It's more preoccupied with showing us skyscrapers collapsing.

Avengers didn't focus on sky scrapers crumbling. There was a sky scraper coming down in the back ground but the film makers wisely chose to have it in the background. MoS made a big deal of it. It was purposefully trying to be super serious and evoke 9/11. This isn't the way to go for a Superman movie in my opinion.

With all that said Avengers isn't free of flaws either. And like i said before, MoS still has the best flying scenes of any superhero movie and it finally gave me a proper aerial dogfight between two super powered beings.

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