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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by sportjames23 View Post
Superman was shown saving the whole damn world. Or does stopping the World Engine not count?

Or the fact that Superman was one guy, with some help from the military (unlike the military in Avengers) vs a powerful invasion, as opposed to the Avengers, a team of six heroes who could split up their forces to fight off the aliens and save some folks at the same time, not mean anything? I guess you're thinking that if Superman stopped to save civilians, Zod, who said earlier that he was gonna kill every last man, woman and child on Earth, would just stop what he's doing and allow Superman to resue people?

This is the kinda crap Man of Steel had to deal with from fanboys that Avengers gets a pass on.
Zod didn't seem to give a crap about harming civilians until right at the end of the fight. There was a point where he escaped Kal and could have gone round at superspeed killing loads of people. But he didn't. He only had eyes for Kal.

Point is, it's a fictional fight. The writers could have shown Superman catch the falling space ship, or divert it to the sea. The writers could have shown Superman throwing Zod up into the atmosphere, instead of the opposite. Or catching the LexCorp petrol tanker instead of just jumping out of the way and letting it explode and destroy the building behind him. It's these little details that make the difference.

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