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Default Re: Too much action?

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
It all goes back to Snyder who is a visual director. He shows many instances of Superman saving people even as a little boy. This should tell the audience he cares about human life. But because the film didnt feature a throwaway memorial scene like the one in the avengers ending or one cut of captain america protecting a dozen people then some folks thought Superman didnt care, totally ignoring the previous 130 minutes and the fact superman resorted to killing to save lives. All the while the people who complained that he saved nobody complained about him killing to save.

We planly see in the final battle Metropolis is still largely intact but because theres no scene dedicated to the press surveying the damage peoples imaginations ran wild.

Theres countless people who believe Metroplis was totally destroyed

Max Landis was upset Lois was invited to a game because he mistakenly believed a: the daily planet scene took place 24 hours later and b: the stadium was destroyed with most of the city.

I guess it could be considered a flaw in snyders direction.

For a few days I even thought Superman screamed after killing zod because he saw the family dead, as there isnt a clear shot of them alive afterwards.
Even when I saw the movie for the first time... I never thought that the Daily Planet scene happened 24 hours after the destruction of Metropolis.

I never thought that Superman screamed after he killing Zod as the family died, it was because he was responsible for Zod's death, one of the few survivors of his Kryptonian race.

It is really weird how people can imagine what is not intended, but at the same time cannot imagine what the filmmakers want you to imagine.


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