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Default Re: Too much action?

Imo, the action is what took my breath away in this movie. I will agree that maybe the film could've maybe...paced the action a little better between scenes but the action scenes themselves, especially the Smallville fight were absolutely amazing. I had been waiting sooo long for a superhero movie to give us a truly epic, all out destructive battle and MoS absolutely delivered. In fact, this was the kind of epic scale action i was HOPING we were going to see in The Avengers and the Battle of New York just looks very tame to the Battle of Metropolis.

This is what has me SOO excited for Supes' battle with the Dark Knight in the next movie. I doubt its going to be nearly as destructive as MoS but you bet your tuckus it is going to be EPIC, perhaps the coolest superhero showdown ever. You just know Snyder is going to knock that out of the park.

Just my thoughts.

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