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Default Re: Star Wars: Rebels

Someone's opinion piece:

Rebels, Kanan Jarrus, and the Race Factor

As the last episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars find their way into the light of day, one era of televised Star Wars comes to a close and a new one dawns. The Clone Wars are over, the Empire has risen, and the dark times are upon us as Star Wars: Rebels prepares to premiere this fall. Slowly but surely, we’re learning what Rebels has to offer the Star Wars universe, including a cast of characters that appears as diverse in origin and personality as they are of ethnicity.
"Didn’t realize that my two tweets would fuel such insight or analysis. So here is an answer: Yes, the human leads are all multiracial. Neither the subject matter nor the reactions of any online communities give me pause in stating as much." --Commenter claiming to be Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Brand Communications Manager)

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