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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by Hulk-1700 View Post
The more & more I think about the Thor franchise as well as the MCU in general & what we know they have planned thus far, the more I feel Sif is underused. I'm not saying they should just shoehorn her into stories for the hell of it, but I do want them to at least expand on her role. Sif is supposed to be capable of so much more...both as a citizen of Asgard, friend of Thor, & as a warrior.

Seems as if they've only barely scratched the surface.
Sif is most definitely underused, and for no better reason than she's not played by Natalie Portman, which is too bad since Jaimie Alexander has a much stronger screen presence than Nat, even though Nat's a fine actress by herself.

Originally Posted by coluanprime
What did people think of Sif's costume, did you like it better with cape or without? Is it better than her first one?
My personal feeling is that I'd love to have this adapted into the comics, it's fairly simple and I think that makes it strong. (of course having Jaime Alexander wear the costume doesn't hurt )
Her costume looked fine. No real opinion beyond that. Wouldn't make a difference to me one way or the other if it ever got adapted into the books.

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