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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Freeze or the Strange/Clayface idea. They're the best so far.

Penguin, Riddler and even Joker can be used as side characters. Two-Face and Catwoman dont need to be shown but they could have cameos (i feel the same way about Joker honestly).

Croc and Black Mask are also good as side characters. Sionis could be shown alongside Cobblepot as the current gangsters of Gotham City. Black Mask is the crimelord and Penguin is not as high up, he's an arms dealer who runs his own casino/club. With that you can give them a couple of scenes and move on. Croc could also be used as a bodyguard for Black Mask. This shows the audience how organized crime has evolved in Gotham City over the years, now that Batman is in his mid 40s.

Whether it's in a seperate universe or not, Penguin and Riddler will have their time on Fox's new show. So having them play smaller characters in the films won't piss off the fans. I dont think.

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