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Default Re: Say something positive about The Last Stand

Beast and Kitty were well characterized and Kelsey Grammer and Ellen Page were superb casting choices.
Famke Janssen was fantastic in the scenes were she actually had to act.
I liked the casting of Multiple Man, Kavita Rao and Moira MacTaggert.
Iceman got more things to do.
Magneto had some badass speeches.
The concept of Jean killing off major characters was interesting.
Xavier's death scene was the most powerful moment of the movie.
Mystique being cured was another great emotional scene.
Angel's dramatic scenes were some of the best.
Storm's action scenes were pretty cool.
The Golden Gate Bridge scene was jaw-dropping.
The score was epic.
They had the balls to open the movie with a child self-mutilation scene.
They finally showed Danger Room.

That's it. Now let's talk about the negatives...

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