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Default "The Price Of Freedom Is High." The Chris Evans/Captain America Thread

Why doesn't this forum have a thread devoted to Chris Evans, the man who brought Captain America to life? He definitely deserves a thread if everyone else in the cast has one. It’s strange that we’ve been speculating about Steve Rogers’ journey in CATWS in other characters’ threads and not in one devoted to him and his portrayer.

Chris Evans has definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations in his portrayal of Steve Rogers. Marvel has a knack for finding the perfect actors for its iconic characters and Evans is no exception. He not only embodies the character physically, he also understands what makes Steve Rogers such an exceptional human being. Often actors pay lip service to traits that make their characters unique, but Chris obviously gets Steve Rogers in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. gets Tony Stark. He has taken a hero who could easily have been a walking bundle of clichés and given him a three-dimensional personality that people can relate to. That’s no small feat.

With word of mouth so positive and Marvel going full out in marketing the film, the wait for it is becoming excruciating. There’s just one month to go!

Chris can be a real hero himself when it comes to his tiniest fans.

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