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Default Re: "The Price Of Freedom Is High." The Chris Evans/Captain America Thread

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
Eh, I disagree strongly here. He's got the most screentime out of any of the others, and he appears more in actual Cap costume than in TFA. If any of the Avengers were "not really present" in the first team up movie, it was either Thor or Hawkeye.

I think where people stumble with Cap in the Avengers is that his role isn't nearly as flashy as RDJ's or as novel as Ruffalo's. You have to hear his dialogue and delivery though to really see how well Evans and Whedon captured Cap, personality-wise if not fighting mode. Whedon and Evans both NAILED the 40's style rhythm and Man Out of Time aspect of Steve Rogers; Evans, particularly, infused his voice with this kind of charming, old-fashioned cadence that worked so, so well to convey where Cap came from. He actually sounded like a soldier from the 1940's, almost kind of a John Wayne-ish tone.

It's way more subtle, but it's a character detail that I love about The Avengers, and in a lesser actor/writer, it would've gotten lost in the shuffle. But Whedon wrote Cap/Steve far differently from the others and Chris gave a pitch perfect delivery.
Which is by the way the best costume I've ever seen ! About Cap' being not present in the movie I meant that Cap' (the same goes for Thor) are not really key characters to the plot , Loki , Fury and Stark are by dividing the team , using Coulson's death as a push , uncovering the truth about the Tesseract in Fury's plan , fixing the engines , bringing the nuke into space when it's not the case for Cap' , Thor and Hawkeye . Through , the discovery of S.H.I.E.L.D's Tesseract Weapons and that he understands there are secrets, that everything is not black and white , this isn't 1940's were nice .

Originally Posted by TJByrum View Post
Hmm... no, that's actually the opposite of what happened. Of all characters, Evans had the most screentime at the beginning of the movie; he had a lot of drama and story around his character, unlike the others who only had a little bit; the beginning of the story was more or less Cap-centric.

During New York, Cap was there but he didn't do nearly as much as he could have done. A lot of stuff with Cap was cut out from the battle, so we got less than what was planned. I'd have liked for him to have fought his way up Stark Tower, get into an awesome showdown with Loki, then Thor comes and helps him, but Loki escapes and so Cap is the one who tries to close the portal while Thor helps Hulk take down more of those space worms.
That would be quite interesting actually the scenes deleted were indeed showing more Hawkeye , BW and Cap' but I think adding them to the movie would have only made it longer .

But I think I might be exaggerating , please excuse me guys

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