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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Although I like Mr. Freeze, I think he is a bit overrated. I don't think he can carry a whole film as the main villain, or at least not with the origin Bruce Timm and Paul Dini gave him.

What's wrong with the origin, you might ask? Nothing. It's a fantastic one, but it only lets you use the character like two or maybe three times. His wife does not justify everything he does. He's too evil. You can't consistently go the sympathy angle with Freeze in the same way you can with Two-Face. An in a way, the DCAU proves this to be true. Most of the episodes with Freeze after Heart of Ice were to varying extents just retreads of Heart of Ice. Then when they finally fixed his wife in SubZero, he no longer served any purpose. They kept giving him a different motivation each time he showed up.

You also have to explain why Bruce just doesn't give the guy funding on Nora. Seriously. If he's doing all of that just for funding money, why not give him the money? I understand Bruce not doing it after it, but after like a million encounters with Freeze? I don't buy it.

If they do use Freeze, they should base him on Scott Snyder's take from the Batman Annual #1. It is probably my favorite thing done with Freeze in the comics. It's the same premise, but with an interesting spin. Nora isn't really his wife and he is really just a psychopath who uses his "wife" as an excuse/justification for all the horrible things he is committing. For a 2-3 hour film with Freeze as the main villain, that's the direction they should go IMO. They can still go the sympathetic Heart of Ice route initially but at some point in the climax/third act, they should reveal he really is just evil.
I truly like this idea. Freeze could play on Batman's sympathy just to decieve him. It could make for a great moment if done well.

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