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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
I don't like that at all. While it does hark back to the early version and does include TAS route, I don't like it.

Freeze is a link in the chain of villainy that clearly shows that some of the people Batman fight are just messed up, and some are rather to be more pitied than hated. More of a sympathetic view to mental illness, that I think the comics lack now with that new origin route for Freeze.
What I love about TAS was that it made Freeze so different and unique from other villains and it's still incredibly fresh today.
I can buy that his circumstances have driven him completely over the edge and the good man he once was is completely gone...but I just don't prefer that route.

And I seriously detest that new origin. Displaying him nothing more as a psychopath, who uses TAS explanation as nothing more as a deluded excuse. That's just crap. He's lost the very thing that made truly popular among the masses. He's lost that emotional weight that brought him back from the dead in the comics.

What I do agree with is the fact that Bruce should just fund money to stop Freeze committing crimes. But you could reason that Freeze holding Nora is completely unethical and immoral, which some might disagree or agree with. Bruce is a man that wishes to preserve all life, . But it's easy to believe preserving Nora is just cruel, and there is no proper hope for her. Freeze is just being selfish by not allowing her to pass on.
And to avoid the years issue, Freeze's appearance should be an origin one.
well said. Completely agreed.

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