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Default The Original Cast Appreciation Thread

Given the past comments from the people involved on X-Men: Days of Future Past, the possibility of future movies with the original cast seems more likely now, so feel free to discuss and speculate.

-How it should differ from the Original Trilogy?
-Which characters do you want to return?
-Which new characters do you want to see? Who should play them?
-Which storylines should be adapted? The classic comics or the modern comics?

Originally Posted by Hutch Parker
I think what's exciting is that it can be both. I think the nature of this project is that they intersect and the legacy can be unique and different for both casts, together and separately. There's a tremendous amount of opportunity that comes out of it.

Obviously we don’t know how this movie ends, but at this point is there the sense that you’ll have members of both these casts to play with going forward, or does this movie serve as a definitive end point to the story of that cast from the first three X-Men films?
Lauren Shuler Donner: Well this is… no. Yes. No. (laughter) OK, next? (laughs) We will… continue… I can’t tell you, really. We will continue with our main characters in the future versions. We want to diversify. We will bring in new characters. My mandate to myself since I’ve been involved in these movies was “make every single movie different, so there’s never X-Men fatigue.” What I loved about what Matthew Vaughn did was that he made it a Bond movie. A James Bond movie. I didn’t want fans to say “I’ve seen it, been there,” you know. And what James Mangold did with The Wolverine was he made it a noir. It had a whole different style, a whole different feel, more focus on character, it was kind of one of those old film noir movies. And Bryan, what he’s doing that’s interesting is, it’s time to bring back the “classic Coke,” the classic X-Men that we had before, the classic cast. It’s the right way to do it. You wouldn’t want to fool around and give it a different kind of style or genre, so that’s perfect. Will we… we will bring a lot of people back, let’s just say that. And we’ll bring in new characters, and we will release different kinds of X-Men stories. I don’t know that we’re always going to follow this one, I think it’s time to reach out, to, well I can’t say because you’ll print it and then everyone will expect it.
Producer Lauren Shuler Donner Talks the Darker Tone, Casting, the X-MEN Franchise, DEADPOOL, Sequels, and More on Set of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Does it leave us in a place where we could see more adventures from either set of characters?
Simon Kingberg: Sure, for sure. Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, at the movie I hope you'll feel like, "Oh, I want to follow the older cast on their new adventures, and I want to follow these younger guys into the '70s, '80s, and onward."
Writer-Producer on the Origins of X-Men: Days of Future Past

Fox announces an untitled Marvel film:
The studio has set aside some real estate three years down the line for a pair of superhero properties and a summer 2018 date for another Marvel pic. Fox said tonight that Fantastic Four 2 — the sequel to its reboot of the comic book quartet that doesn’t hit theaters for another 15 months — will bow on July 14, 2017, and the next Wolverine pic will arrive March 3, 2017. The studio also booked July 13, 2018, for an undisclosed Marvel film. Fanboys’ fingers likely are cramping already as they weigh in online about exactly what that movie will be. All three dates are exclusive to the pics for now.
Fox Unveils Dates For ‘Fantastic Four’ & ‘Wolverine’ Sequels, Untitled Marvel Pic

Could it be a new OT cast movie?

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