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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Rodrigo90, I see your point, and I do agree in part. I haven't read the issue story in question-perhaps I should to get a better understanding of it.

However, what if a twist was applied to the idea (yes, I'm twisting a twist on an idea that works well as an origin tale). One criticism of the origin from TAS is that it makes it difficult to write recurring stories, and you mention how it should be done as an origin in your post. This twist could be that Freeze originally takes up his crusade to save his wife, which may or may not be possible within the story. However, Freeze could find himself addicted to the rush of crime, the thrill of it. It would take a talented actor and good writing/direction, but if done well, I believe it could work.

To add more drama to it, in this new twist of the story Freeze may actually cure/save his wife, only to her (and his) horror he finds himself unable to give up the thrill of the crime. Boom, keeps the tragic elements of TAS version, while setting him up as a recurring villian in the future.

What are your thoughts on that? I did just kind of ramble that on, so there wasn't much forethought put into the idea.

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