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Default Re: "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?" - The Original Cast Thre

OT cast need to return at least one more time. I would want more substantial roles for Marden's Cyclops (of course), but also characters that can't be utilised in the prequel setting like Rogue and Angel. I hope Gambit is held off until a film in this era, because him and Rogue interacting is long overdue.

I think seperate teams could be interesting with such a large potential roster. Could be cool if Cykes leads one team and Storm another (not to downplay either), and it would be pretty geeky if the former's featured the original line-up on-screen for the first team (X-Factor anyone?). Failing that, maybe tie them into X-Force.

As far as plots go I'm not sure. Sinister is an obvious choice for villain, and Apocalypse should really be a more long-term threat than one film (but we'll see how that goes).

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