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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
I believe it is possible for his mind to warp further than it already has.
I can't imagine what his tragic circumstances would do to anyone.
To be a doctor for many years, saving lives and then cruelly, having your dearest loved one be taken from you.

Freeze's motivation for crime is to save his wife. But what's his motivation for ruthlessly killing people in the manner he does? Not just freezing them, but at times smashing them into tiny pieces...
I'll never buy into him committing crimes just for a thrill. It's not part of his character. But I could see him turning into a serial killer. Robbing people of their warmth and lives, because he and Nora are suffering too. He's just filled with a burning hatred and jealousy of others.

I can see that happening to him and I imagine he has been pushed over the edge towards that path a few times. It's not a stretch to believe he could be like.
He's lost all his empathy that he possessed as a doctor.

But Freeze is a tragic character. His motivation is love, really.

If they wanted, they could just tell a story of him after Nora finally recovered and she found love with somebody else. Freeze then dedicates his remaining days at making people suffer like he is.
This. I hate the new 52 version of the character. I hate it.

And Freeze doesn't need to be a recurring villain. One origin film where his motivation is his love for his wife is plenty.

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