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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

I've been working on this female Bane vest concept/prototype for my girlfriend since mid-February. She wanted me to crop it so that it wasn't necessarily "sexy" but utilitarian, and sexy in the way that Tom Hardy's exposed musculature was- so it's kind of like a sports top. She has abs for days I am going to put one more sheet of canvas over the armor plates, add brown piping/edging around it and the coyote air mesh, hand-punch a lot of rivets,hand-saw the brass buckle, (which will lay above the O-ring that connects the front straps,) and most likely add a strap around the bottom designed like the kidney belt. Then finish it all with a lot of graphite powder and hand-weathering. This is resting on a large male mannequin torso, but the vest itself will be sized and tailored so that it exposes the midriff.

It was a practice for my own Bane vest and I think I'll be doing that after seeing this project come together.

Vest will soon be available at your local JC Penny.

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