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Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I was gonna start a thread asking who was a better villain - Bane or Ra's? But figured I'd just bring up the question here. Kind of wish Milost were here for this one.
Your wish is my command.

For these films? Liam Neeson Ra's Al Ghul, no contest. Bane is/was awful and pretty much a pathetic 'Al Ghul-lite'. Also, Ra's Al Ghul wasn't coming off the greatness of seeing such a fantastic Joker performance PLUS a story that featured Harvey Two-Face, nor did he have Marion Cotillard pop in and steal his origin/background.

Rank them all?

- The Joker

- Ra's Al Ghul (interchangeable)
- Dent/Two-Face (interchangeable)

- Scarecrow

- Talia
- Bane

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