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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

If Rocksteady can pull off this huge and detailed, gorgeous looking game, it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that they could pull off Metropolis.

Gotham is dark and grungy, full of mess and crap, which makes it a more difficult game to produce.
Whereas Metropolis is brighter and cleaner. Less things for Rocksteady to work, which leaves them with the chance to put that focus into a bigger city than Gotham.

What they could do is, make the city "Superman" exclusive. Destructible buildings. Powers that can maim and kill people.
They've done the scenario for Batman AK that civilians have been evacuated, therefore Batman can't kill them while driving the Batmobile lol

But a feeling of Superman is, is that he's got to have the full responsibility of being sensible and careful with his powers in Metropolis.
They should make it as though Superman is like a car. You control how much speed and power he has within the game, when you're flying and battling. You have absolute control and responsibility with his powers

And if you abuse the situation long enough, it starts affecting the storyline and game, without ending it.

Basically, a game, where you ARE Superman and you're responsible for what happens to him and everyone around him.

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