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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
KINGS!! KINGS KINGS KINGS! That's what started me on the twisty gay-angsty path that is Sebastian Stan's career (he tends to have a very specific niche of gay spoiled men who feel entitled to more LOL!). It's about 14 episodes of a prematurely cancelled NBC show, with Ian McShane as his father and they have some crazy intense scenes. SS is absolutely a wonder in the series though. So spoiled

Also, he did an excellent turn as Jefferson the Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time for a few episodes. He basically has chemistry with EVERYONE in that cast.

As for movies? Hmm… he's kind of had Chris' career path of doing crappy movies but being really good in them. For just a completely "WTF was that that I just watched?" experience, you can give The Covenant a try. He plays a warlock and has some hilarious lines.

Also, of course, there's Hot Tub Time Machine, which is pretty legit hilarious.
Thanks! I actually watched Kings last year. He was excellent in that. I wish i had watched it earlier when i first heard about it years before. I think that might be the best acting i have seen from him. His performances on Once and Political Animals were great as well. I think if Kings was to last longer, he would have gotten some serious acting recognition from that role. But then again we might not gotten him for Bucky/WS.

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