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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by TJByrum View Post
I'd like to read Bucky as Cap, but not sure where to start and where it ends. Is Cap even alive anymore in 616? What of Bucky?
Really, I'd recommend starting Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting's run on Captain America from the beginning, but if you just want to focus on Bucky as Cap, I'd start reading with The Death of Captain America. It's a big, epic story that spans across three graphic novels, or is collected into one big omnibus edition, however you'd prefer to read it. Bucky then remained as Captain America for a couple of years after that, so there are a few more storylines you could check out to see him in action. He brought a great new dynamic to the character, much less wholesome and impeccably good than Steve Rogers - it was some quality stuff.

As for what happened to Bucky... as often happens in comics, Steve Rogers came back from the dead. Originally, he took over as head of SHIELD and left Bucky to be Captain America. But when Bucky's criminal history as the Winter Soldier was publicly exposed by Baron Zemo, he faked his own death with the help of Nick Fury to allow Steve Rogers to take back the Captain America mantle - he feared he had tainted it and Rogers needed to have the role again so people could once more be inspired by the Captain America icon. After that, Bucky took back his Winter Soldier alter ego, but now as a superhero. With the general public believing him to be dead, Bucky does under-the-radar, espionage-style missions, stopping threats before the world even knows about them. He had his own series for a while, but it got cancelled and he hasn't been seen much since.

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