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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Originally Posted by Mutante View Post
Well, the roof scene is plausible, depending on the particular characteristics of that enviroment.
So is a rocket inside a Christmas tree.

The Bat-Pod coming out of the tumbler simply represents an advanced state of technology. Seems impossible to you, but a lot of what we have today seemed impossible 50 years ago, so i don´t really get your point.
You just admitted it represents an advanced state of tech we don't have, and you don't get my point.

Rethink that one.

What´s plausible about The Joker scene? The man uses a rocket as a vehicle. If you can´t see how dumb and absurd that is, no matter how you twist it, there´s not much i can tell ya.
We have actual rocket based vehicle technology in the real world, too. The fact that a miniaturized one is placed inside a giant Christmas tree seems too incredible for you is what is really unbelievable.

You defend a Batcycle coming out of a tank, but you can't imagine a rocket inside a Christmas tree. Hilarious.

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