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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Originally Posted by Mutante View Post
Well, the roof scene is plausible, depending on the particular characteristics of that enviroment.
So is a rocket inside a Christmas tree.

The Bat-Pod coming out of the tumbler simply represents an advanced state of technology. Seems impossible to you, but a lot of what we have today seemed impossible 50 years ago, so i donīt really get your point.
You just admitted it represents an advanced state of tech we don't have, and you don't get my point.

Rethink that one.

Whatīs plausible about The Joker scene? The man uses a rocket as a vehicle. If you canīt see how dumb and absurd that is, no matter how you twist it, thereīs not much i can tell ya.
We have actual rocket based vehicle technology in the real world, too. The fact that a miniaturized one is placed inside a giant Christmas tree seems too incredible for you is what is really unbelievable.

You defend a Batcycle coming out of a tank, but you can't imagine a rocket inside a Christmas tree. Hilarious.

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