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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

it's just too much going in circles, from the defenses, the logic, the dislikes; it all just fits a stereotype of a Nolanite.
You know, this is a discussion board and i´m presenting valid arguments. I know that, to many people, it would be much nicer to be able to say whatever they want without someone challenging their word. But the same way some members can come in here to say how much better BTAS is than Nolanverse, i can do the opposite. Or in this forum you´re only allowed to defend comics, cartoons and anything unrelated to Chris Nolan? If i defend Chris Nolan the same way others defend BTAS, i´m a Nolanite? I fail to see the logic behind your train of thought.

Plus, i´m not offending anyone.

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