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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Arnold for Cable?


People, do I have to remind you of this...

If you really analyze Arnold's success in movies you'll find that his good action movies are the ones where he didn't have to talk that much.

For example:

- Conan the Barbarian - great flick - he barely talked.

- The Terminator - great flick - he didn't talk.

- Predator - great flick - he didn't talk that much.

- Running Man - great flick - he barely talked.

And then he started talking in his movies and things went bad. For example:

- Conan the Destroyer

- Red Sonya

- Red Heat

- Batman and Robin - one of the worst hero movies

So sorry, I would hate to see Arnold. He can't do an American accent and he's really not that good in speaking roles, unless they are comedic.

There are much better choices!

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