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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
Not at all. One of your first responses to an unbelievable scene in the movie where Batman falls with Rachel onto a car is his cape made them not die, someone rightfully said that wasn't true and then you tried to go into a rant saying we don't have the information on the cape to know it can't work that way.

And all of this started with a rocket Christmas tree, which is still a lot more realistic and believeable than a poor Bruce Wayne miraculously healing his back getting back to Gotham, setting up fire Bat-signals; And it's even more realistic than Joker's over-lapping Jigsaw like plans from a bomb inside a henchmen to explosives on ferries.

There are portions that are good in the Nolan movies, but stop trying to act like anyone proving you wrong means they're just disagreeing with you on your opinion.
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But seriously I'm also getting really tired of my argument with Mutante as well

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