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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I see what you're saying but this is the key..

You say it's not humanly possible. You're right. But it's a cartoon, so everything is not humanly possible. It has nothing to do with humans. They are cartoon characters. So nothing needs to be realistic. Not a single thing. You can still hate it, and i would agree with you that it would be silly as hell in a live-action movie. But that moment (depending on how it's executed) would either make me laugh or facepalm. But it's not a live-action movie so you can enjoy things that are silly, fantastical, fun, whatever it may be.

Despite its adult themes once in a while, it's still a kid's show. Anybody who says otherwise is in denial. It's a cartoon made in the early 90s targeting children, and every once in a while they throw in something for the hardcore bat-fans or even the teenage/adult audience. They throw them a bone.

Not everything is good from BTAS. A lot of the people in this thread who are telling you to be quiet are hypocrites because they have no problem dissing the hell out of the Nolanverse but when you tell them that you love BTAS yet you find certain things horrible, guess what? They cant take the heat.

If that moment happened in live-action, half of the people would say it's cheesy and terrible. The other half would find it hilarious and awesome.

But i might have to disagree with your point overall because i see it as a cartoon from my childhood. It's animation and it's not some R-Rated version where they have no limitations, so Joker can escape in a much better way. They went for the fun route instead with that scene, which lines up well with the tone.
How am I a hypocrite??

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