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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Not at all. One of your first responses to an unbelievable scene in the movie where Batman falls with Rachel onto a car is his cape made them not die, someone rightfully said that wasn't true and then you tried to go into a rant saying we don't have the information on the cape to know it can't work that way.
And in what way am i wrong? Do you have the necessary information to assess how that piece of equipment can or cannot work? Aren´t we led to believe in Batman Begins that the cape has also that function? Isn´t the cape part of a fictional world where more advanced technology exists? Doesn´t Batman do the same thing in basically every medium? So, i don´t see the problem.

And all of this started with a rocket Christmas tree, which is still a lot more realistic and believeable than a poor Bruce Wayne miraculously healing his back getting back to Gotham
Care to explain how a man using a Rocket that size as a vehicle to go to wherever he wants without any sort of setback is more realistic than healing an injury in X-months?

There are portions that are good in the Nolan movies, but stop trying to act like anyone proving you wrong means they're just disagreeing with you on your opinion.
i´m doing that? I´m simply responding objectively to this subject. You´re the one who started with the personal remarks. You´re the one who entered the thread to attack me instead of discussing the subject.

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