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Default Re: BTAS Batman or Nolanverse Batman?

Not at all. One of your first responses to an unbelievable scene in the movie where Batman falls with Rachel onto a car is his cape made them not die, someone rightfully said that wasn't true and then you tried to go into a rant saying we don't have the information on the cape to know it can't work that way.
And in what way am i wrong? Do you have the necessary information to assess how that piece of equipment can or cannot work? Arenīt we led to believe in Batman Begins that the cape has also that function? Isnīt the cape part of a fictional world where more advanced technology exists? Doesnīt Batman do the same thing in basically every medium? So, i donīt see the problem.

And all of this started with a rocket Christmas tree, which is still a lot more realistic and believeable than a poor Bruce Wayne miraculously healing his back getting back to Gotham
Care to explain how a man using a Rocket that size as a vehicle to go to wherever he wants without any sort of setback is more realistic than healing an injury in X-months?

There are portions that are good in the Nolan movies, but stop trying to act like anyone proving you wrong means they're just disagreeing with you on your opinion.
iīm doing that? Iīm simply responding objectively to this subject. Youīre the one who started with the personal remarks. Youīre the one who entered the thread to attack me instead of discussing the subject.

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