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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Agreed, but I will say I think most people agree Iron Man 3 was better than Iron Man 2. Now, the first Iron Man is still the favorite by most, but Iron Man 3 DID beat Iron Man 2 for most. But, that is a topic for another forum!
lol; I actually meant regarding on how "Iron Man 2" was considered somewhat disappointing when compared to "Iron Man 1" only.

Man, I feel like Joss has some pretty high expectation to live up to now, more so than ever.

I mean when you consider the beautiful visuals of "TDW", the great final action sequence at Docks in "Iron Man 3", and with everything that's going on in this film as well, he'll need to up his ante with how he portrays the action in the next Avengers film.

Also, I keep feeling like THIS is what GI JOE should have been like on film.

Another thing, I'm guessing Captain America will no longer use a gun as much anymore.

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