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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
This film REALLY feels like the Cap that we know and love in the comics. In both TFA and Avengers, I loved Cap's portrayel. But, Cap was still finding himself both as a person and as a hero (in TFA, what did the name Captain America mean and what type of hero was he going to be was central to the story, and in Avengers he was measuring himself to other heroes and toward the end you see the confidence come). This really hits me in that ECU on Cap's face when he says that he can't let a lot of people die. THIS is today's Cap. THIS is the Cap that has strived to show people a better way all through his tenure in comics. THIS is the Cap that the Avengers (and everyone else) would fall on a sword for.

Beyond excited

You know, I wonder if they intentionally held him back, in terms of how they portrayed his fighting abilities, in "The Avengers" due to the fact that he hadn't received any training regarding the modern day fighting styles and others that have developed since his time frozen away, hence why he's more of a better combative fighter in this film.

I think another good thing about this film is that they don't have to rush in getting Captain America to a certain spot by the end of the film like they did with TFA.

I'm very happy that they kept and even capitalized on Steve's innate goodness and didn't portray or turn him into his "Ultimate" counterpart from the comics after having entered into the modern world.

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